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Welcome to Hakabana

Visualize Haka traffic in real-time using Kibana and Elasticsearch.

Real-time statistics

Get real-time stats about network traffic passing through haka: ip, icmp, tcmp, udp, http, dns.


Network flows geolocalization

Track network flow ip source and destination.

Bandwidth monitoring

Monitor your network bandwidth.


Dns and http traffic

Get info about http and dns connections: dns queries, http requests (uri, user-agent, hosts), and responses.

Powerfull customization

Take advantage of:
  • Haka's language by exporting your own data
  • Haka's extensibility by writting your own dissector
  • kibana's flexibility by customizing your dashboard

Learn more on customization

Give a look at Haka's documentation.

Getting started

  1. Install and start Elasticsearch server.
  2. sudo dpkg -i elasticsearch-<version>.deb
    sudo service elasticsearch start
  3. Install and setup Kibana. Require a web server.
  4. tar -zxvf kibana-latest.tar.gz \
    	--strip-components=1 \
    	-C <webserver-path>/kibana
  5. Install Haka and Hakabana
  6. sudo dpkg -i haka_<version>.deb
    sudo dpkg -i hakabana_<version>.deb
    sudo dpkg -i haka-geoip_<version>.deb
    sudo dpkg -i haka-elasticsearch_<version>.deb
  7. Setup and start Haka.
  8. haka -c /usr/share/haka/hakabana/haka.conf

    Note: you may need to update the elasticsearch ip address in /usr/share/haka/hakabana/config.lua

  9. Visit kibana webpage at http://<webserver-address>/kibana.

  1. Download Hakabana dashboard.

  2. Load it in kibana with the advanced load menu.

    kibana load

  3. Enjoy Hakabana !

    hakabana dashboard

Advanced topic

  • Going further: All data are exposed to hakabana through security rules in

    Feel free to customize these rules to fit you own goals.